Adjustable Polyester Cute Bow-tie Dog Collar

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This adorable dog collar has a cute bow tie on the front and even comes with a small bell attached. It is available in a one-size-fits-all design and this dog collar even adjusts to give each dog the perfect fit. Made out of sturdy but comfortable polyester, the collars keep dogs comfortable all year long, meaning they that will never get too hot or too cold while wearing it. It is lightweight and stretches out to 13 inches, making it a well fitting dog collar for most small and medium-sized pets.

If you’re looking for the perfect dog collar that is both eye-catching and well made, look no further. With a solid-colored band and multi-colored bow tie, your dog will look stunning wherever it goes and you can strut behind it being the trendy pet parent that you are. Every inch of the collar is made out of high-quality materials. Because it is polyester, your dog will be comfortable in this dog collar regardless of the weather or season and you will be happy just knowing that you got a lot of bang for your buck when you purchased it.

Finding the perfect collar for your dog doesn’t have to be complicated and if you want something to make your dog stand out, this is it. The collars are very sturdy and you can attach any kind of leash to them, making it convenient for all pet parents regardless of the type of leash they own. The small bells that are attached match the band and the bow ties are all polka-dotted and come in the same color. Cute, soft, and comfortable, these dog collars are made to last for many years to come and you will never regret purchasing one.