Dog Poop Waste Garbage Bag Dispenser

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This dispenser goes along with their doggie waste garbage bags, and the bags fit in there perfectly every time. As a matter of fact, each bag dispenser holds one roll of the garbage bags, and you can grab them and tear them off quickly and conveniently every time. The dispenser is roughly 1.5” x 3” and therefore, it fits perfectly on a belt buckle or a dog’s leash. Let’s face it, you have to clean up after your pets anyway when you take them for a walk, so why not do it in a fast and simple way so that your life as a pet parent is a little easier?

 This bag dispenser is made out of a high-quality, smooth plastic, making it both sturdy and long lasting, even if you drop it on the floor. You can walk with your dog, stop when you need to, and grab a bag as soon as the dog is finished. The dispenser is so simple to operate that you can even hold the dog’s leash with one hand and grab the garbage bag with your other hand. These bag dispensers are the perfect size to carry around when you’re walking your dog.

In addition, because the dispenser comes with a ring that attaches it to your belt buckle or backpack, you can walk your dog using only one hand until the time comes when you need a bag. It is perfect for camping and many other outdoor activities, and even more perfect for people who travel a lot with their pets. The dispenser is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to afford. If you need the perfect dispenser to keep your waste garbage bags in, this is it, and you can even match the dispenser and the bags so that their colors match.