Personalized Custom Leather Dog ID Collar

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The right collar is important when you own a dog and if you are interested in protecting your pets if they should ever get lost, it is also smart to have a personalized ID tag attached to it. ID tags that have your pet’s name and phone number on it can be truly invaluable and save you a lot of unnecessary stress when it goes missing. You’ll have the assurance that whoever finds it will be able to contact you immediately so that you can get your beloved pet back sooner rather than later.

Regardless of how much care you take with your pet, it is always possible that it will get lost at some point. When this happens, this high-quality collar with an attached ID tag will let everyone who gets near it know where he belongs. It is made of genuine leather, it comes in different colors, and the cute paw print design makes an adorable addition to this very valuable product. Built to last with extra-strong stitching, this dog collar also comes in different sizes for your convenience and the personalized engraving is always done for free. It is also both a functional and an eye-catching collar.

Best of all, because of the various sizes that are available, this dog collar fits small, medium-sized, and even large dogs perfectly. It is a collar padded for extra comfort and the stainless steel nameplate won’t rust or fade with time. From beagles to pit bulls, this collar is just perfect for both walking and training purposes and the convenient personalized name tag gives you the peace of mind that all pet parents want and deserve. Should your dog ever get lost, you’ll quickly realize just how valuable it is.