Outdoor Waterproof Winter Dog Vest Jacket/Coat

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This is the perfect dog jacket because it has a zipper and a full-body design, both of which ensure it will be warm and comfortable. It is a waterproof and warm jacket which even has rings on it for you to conveniently attach your leash and make your walks much easier for both of you. Both sides are soft and waterproof, so whether it’s snowing or there’s light rain outside, your beloved dog is guaranteed to be comfortable. This dog vest jacket is great for the fall, winter, and even the cool spring months.

Outdoor dog vest jacket is a waterproof, windproof, breathable jacket to keep your furry friend warm and comfy

outdoor winter dog jacket

This is a very versatile dog vest jacket that can fit small, medium-sized, and most large dogs. This means that whether you have a beagle or a pit bull, you can easily find the perfect vest jacket for him to wear. Best of all, this dog jacket is absolutely adorable, so while your pet is walking or playing in the park – or even resting – he will both look and feel great the entire time. All pet parents know how important it is to walk their dog regularly, and with this dog jacket, you can walk your pet, regardless of what the weather or temperature is outside.

This winter dog jacket is an outstanding cold weather protection with many features of a high-end coat at a great price

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Coat

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Jacket

One of the most significant aspects of this vest jacket is that it is not made simply for the dog to look adorable, although that would be reason enough for most pet parents.

Outdoor waterproof winter dog vest jacket

This dog jacket also serves the important function to keep him dry and warm when you’re outside during the not-so-pleasant months. This is important, because the last thing you want is for your dog to become ill due to inclement weather. With this dog jacket, that will never be a problem, because each walk offers him the chance to be dry, warm, and extremely comfortable and well as adorable as well!


Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Warm Waterproof Snow & Rain Dog Coat

Back: 36cm (14.1"), Chest: 27cm (10.62")

Back: 42cm (16.5"), Chest: 31cm (12.2")

Back: 46cm (18.1"), Chest: 35cm (13.7")

Back: 49cm (19.3"), Chest: 39cm (15.3")

Back: 53cm (20.8"), Chest: 45cm (17.7")

Back: 58cm (22.8"), Chest: 50cm (19.6")

Back: 66cm (25.9"), Chest: 52cm (20.47")

Back: 76cm (29.9"), Chest: 58cm (22.8")