Super Warm & Soft Cotton Winter Dog Hooded Coat

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If you own a coat that is both comfortable and keeps you warm during the cold winter months, you’ll naturally want the very same thing for your dog. This winter coat for dogs is both warm and comfortable, and it even comes with an adorable hood for extra cuteness and warmth. Made out of cotton so it is super soft, the coat looks great on dogs of most sizes and breeds, and when you take your dog for a walk or for playtime in the park, this eye-catching coat is certain to attract attention everywhere you go.

This warm cotton dog vest jacket is made of soft and thick fleece fabric to keep your puppy comfy and warm

Super Warm & Soft Cotton Winter Dog Coat

Dogs need and deserve to be warm when it’s cold or cool outside, because much like humans, they feel the effects of the temperature. If you are cold, your pet will be cold as well, and this dog coat is not only great at keeping him warm, but it is also lightweight and breathable, meaning he won’t even notice that it’s protecting him from the cold and snow. All he’ll know is that he’s comfortable wearing the coat, and you can show him off a lot more every time you take him out in public.


  • This thick and warm jacket has the best fabric and material to keep your furry baby warm during the cold nights


    Warm & Soft Cotton Winter Dog jacket

     Cotton Winter Dog Coat

    Everyone wants the best for their pets, and this includes keeping them warm, dry, and comfortable, especially during the winter. This is a high-quality jacket made of top-notch materials, including fleece on the inside for extra warmth. It is a coat that is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and dry the entire time he’s wearing it, and it even has holes for his paws to give him the absolute best fit. The front snaps ensure a great fit and the ultimate warmth. This dog coat is made with a thick, yet lightweight, material that you can count on working the right way for many years to come.

    Product sizes & dimensions

    Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

    Winter Warm Dog Vest jacket


    This dog jacket is is for small toy dogs or cat under 20 pounds

    Size S: Neck: 23cm/9.0inch Back: 20cm/8.0inch Chest: 32cm/12.5inch; for weight:3-4 pounds/1.36-1.81 KG

    Size M: Neck: 26cm/10inch Back: 25cm/9.5inch Chest: 37cm/14.5inch; for weight: 4-5 pounds/1.81-2.27 KG

    Size L: Neck: 29cm/11.5inch Back: 30cm/11.5inch Chest: 42cm/16.5inch; for weight: 6-10 pounds/2.72-4.54 KG

    Size XL: Neck: 32cm/12.5inch Back: 35cm/13.5inch Chest: 47cm/18.5inch; for weight: 11-15 pounds/4.99-6.8 KG

    Size XXL: Neck: 35cm/13.5inch Back: 40cm/15.5inch Chest: 52cm/20.5inch; for weight: 16-20 pounds/7.26-9.07 KG

    Breeds recommendations: (for reference only):

    Size XS: Teacup, Puppies
    Size S/M: Chihuahua, Toy Poodle
    Size L: Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Maltese
    Size XL/XXL: Pekingese, Jack Russell, Shih Tzu