No-pull Sport Reflective Dog Harness

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If you need a harness vest for your dog, it is good to know that there are hundreds of them to choose from and this harness is certainly one that you should consider. Made of high-quality nylon and padded for extra comfort, this harness has adjustable straps therefore it will fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. This dog harness is available in three different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit every time, and just to make it even more useful and unique, it comes with reflective stitching that makes taking your dog for a walk after dark a whole lot easier.

This dog harness is not only functional and comfortable but attractive to boot. It is a lightweight harness and even machine washable for convenience. It also works with most standard dog leashes and it fits everything from a Beagle to a Pit Bull. In fact, this dog harness fits dogs with chests up to 26 inches, which is quite large, allowing it to fit well on almost any dog you might own. In addition, it offers a special no-pull feature that allows for both you and your pet to be comfortable while walking and it works so well that it stops the dog from escaping or trying to get away.

When you’re shopping around for the perfect harness for your beloved dog, this is definitely one to consider. Fashionable and sturdy, you’ll be able to rely on this dog harness for many years to come and you can use it for both training purposes and to take a walk with your dog. Simply attach your leash to the vest and go. The reflective stitching of the harness is sure to keep you safe while walking at night because everyone will be able to see you quite clearly. The perfect harness is no longer difficult to find because you can stop searching once you find this one.