Breathable Nylon Mesh Harness & Leash Set

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Available in three different sizes and numerous colors, this harness and leash set is absolutely adorable and a lot of fun for your dog to wear. The harness and leash match in colour, and the harness even comes with a cute little paw print on the front of it. The largest harness fits necks up to 25 inches around, and the leash is almost four feet long, so it gives your beloved pet enough room to run freely and feel like he’s not even wearing a leash, which can be comfortable for both of you.

This matching harness is made out of a comfortable mesh fabric that means you can walk your dog for a long time without him getting too hot. The leash is made out of a sturdy nylon and attaches easily to the harness, allowing for easy and comfortable daily walks. Best of all, the harness is so comfortable and accommodating that it feels good, regardless of what season it is, and at a very affordable price, it is easy to purchase more than one set for your friends and family members to enjoy.

If you need a harness or a leash for your pets, buying them together is less time consuming and a lot less expensive. This set will last for a very long time and won’t fade or rip over time. It is soft, yet durable and made to last, and both you and your dog will enjoy taking walks while he is wearing this harness and leash set. If you’re looking for a cute harness and matching leash, look no further because this is it. At a reasonable price and a guarantee that you’ll find one that fits your dog perfectly. You simply don’t have to look anywhere else as this set is what you need.