Elastic Dog Leash Harness Collar

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This leash and harness collar is unique in that it fits around your waist at one end, which means that you can enjoy hands-free walking with your dog. This is perfect for people who enjoy jogging or like to increase their arm motion while they walk. Because the leash comes in several different sizes, you can easily find the one that fits you perfectly. The leash/collar is made mostly of nylon but also contains a reflective quality that makes walking after dark simple. In fact, when you think about it, this product has everything you need to make jogging and walking with your dog a very easy thing to do.

Taking a walk in the park is a great way for both you and your dog to get some exercise but traditional leashes often get tangled up or simply aren’t long enough. The leash takes care of this problem. It is specially made just for this purpose and the entire leash is reflective, including the part that fits around your waist. This dog leash also has an attractive design so it is both functional and attractive, not to mention convenient for all pet owners.

Even if you’re not a jogger, you’ll enjoy this leash. It doesn’t tangle up or develop knots the way that some leashes do and it is long enough to fit around your waist so that you can use your hands for other things. It is a high-quality leash built to last and it is adjustable; therefore, it will always fit you just right. Jogging or walking with your pet has never been easier because with this leash, you just place it on your dog’s collar and take off, bringing with you the knowledge that you’ll be able to walk or run freely without worrying about the condition of your dog’s leash.