Reflective Dog Vest Harness & Leash

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With a cute paw print on the front and made in a breathable nylon mesh material, this harness is the perfect vest for small dogs and cats of any type. After all, if you’re going to take your dog for a walk anyway, why not allow your dog to look as adorable as possible while you’re doing so? The vest is made out of a high-quality nylon material and includes a reflective area that allows cars and other dog walkers to notice you if you’re out walking after dark.

Available in four different sizes, this harness comes with a matching leash that is just as sturdy as the vest. This dog leash is made to fit both small and medium-sized dogs and it is also comfortable for them regardless of the season. The leash is four feet long and the harnesses fits dogs with neck sizes up to 20”. In addition, the harness is adjustable for a perfect fit, meaning that it will never be too tight or too loose when your dog is wearing it.

Choosing the right harness and leash set just got a little easier because this is one set that you will want to buy as soon as you take a look at it. This dog leash is both attractive and functional. Whether you have a chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, or a pug, this set will have you anxious to show it off every time you go for a walk. It a leash that is great for both walking and training your dog and it will keep both you and your beloved pet comfortable and safe the entire time. Most pet parents purchase a leash when they buy a new harness and this set allows you to match the two items so that you can feel not only comfortable with your decision but a little trendier as well!