High Quality Quilted Dog Coat/Jacket

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If you need a light jacket for your dog but one that keeps him comfortable and warm as well, this is the jacket for you. Made out of a polyester and quilted pattern, it is a soft and flexible dog coat made for most seasons. Its Velcro front ensures a perfect fit every time and it even has an opening in the back so that you can more easily attach your leash to the dog’s collar. It is both a fashionable and functional dog jacket and you’ll appreciate it from the very first time you place it on your dog and go for a walk.

Best of all, this high-quality doggie jacket has a collar that protects your dog’s neck area, keeping it comfortable even when it’s a little windy outside. It is comfortable for the dog and it makes you feel better as a pet parent because you’ll know that you are taking extra good care of your beloved fur baby. Although it is specifically made for the fall and winter months, you can utilize this jacket any time that it is a little cooler or windier than it normally is. It is also a great addition to your collection of pet clothes.

Putting on a jacket when it’s cool or windy outside is something that humans do all the time without thinking about it and your beloved pet deserves the very same. This soft, quilted jacket has extra padding for the ultimate in comfort and it is perfect for all types of weather conditions. Made for both male and female pets, you can even purchase one for your cat. Its high-quality materials guarantee that this coat will last for many years to come. Don’t let the fall or winter months creep up on you without knowing that there’s a great way to protect your animals because this is one dog jacket that will never disappoint.