3M/5M Retractable Walking Lead Leash

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This attractive, easy-to-operate retractable dog leash will instantly make the walking and training time spent with your dog a lot easier and more productive. The easy-to-use buttons on the top allow you to quickly maneuver the leash throughout your walk. It gives both you and your dog more range of motion and even a little sense of freedom as you walk or train. It comes in various colors, and it is made with a high-quality plastic that is meant to last a very long time so you can count on using this leash for many years to come.

Best of all, you can choose between two sizes of the leash -- one that is 10 feet long or one that is 16 feet in length -- making this dog leash more convenient for your specific situation. The easy-grip handle is large enough to fit anyone’s hands comfortably and the sturdy nylon leash will last regardless of what your dog puts it through. In addition, this attractive and high-quality retractable leash has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to be comfortable regardless of how long your walks or training last, which becomes very important over the life of the leash.

A good leash is important when you’re walking or training your dog. The retractable leashes provide more freedom of motion and therefore more productivity with each and every activity. This dog leash is built to last and will never disappoint. Thanks to its low price, you won’t have to worry about being hard on your wallet when you purchase one. The leash is also made to fit on any basic type of dog collar or harness and it is perfect whether you’re enjoying a trip to the park or have some serious training to do. In other words, this is one leash that you will never regret purchasing.