Adjustable Flashing LED Night Dog Collar

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When you first look at this dog collar, it doesn’t look much different than many others but keep looking and you’ll find out differently. This dog collar lights up with LED lights that help cars and other dog walkers notice you if you’re out walking after dark. It comes with a USB port for easy charging and it glows so strongly that you are certain to be noticed even on the darkest of nights. This collar even has a flashing feature to make you extra noticeable, ensuring that no one will miss you in the dark.

This is a fun dog collar that is very comfortable regardless of the season and it is made with high-quality materials so it will last for many years to come. With an easy on-off switch and bright eye-catching colors, this is one collar that will set you apart from the other pet parents. It comes in two different sizes and fits necks up to 27 inches, accommodating most dogs. As soon as the other dog walkers take a look at it, they are very likely to want one for their dogs as well.

A light-up collar is perfect for drizzly evenings or those times when it’s already dark outside and you have to walk your dog. Because it is very inexpensive, you can easily buy more than one color without it being hard on your wallet, enabling you to enjoy a whole collection of them before you know it. These collars keep both you and your pet safe on your daily walks and they’re a lot of fun to show off to the other pet parents. Bright, colorful, sturdy, and long-lasting, this is a great dog collar to have regardless of your dog’s size and breed, making this one purchase that you will never regret.