Adjustable Nylon Dog Harness & Leash Set

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If you’re looking for the perfect leash for your beloved dog, look no further. The harness and leash set comes in three different sizes. It acts as both a harness and a regular leash. You can easily wrap it around your pet and then take it for a walk at any time. It fits dogs of nearly any size. Made of a high-quality nylon, the harness and leash set comes in cute paw-print designs for your enjoyment and it is sturdy and comfortable enough to use all year long.

To purchase one of these sets, all you do is measure the chest diameter of your dog and then view the size chart to find the right product. This harness and leash set fits dogs with chests up to 24” so it can accommodate most dogs. This set is also lightweight and includes a steel snap buckle and D-ring for easy use and longevity. When you need a harness and a leash, why not make it more convenient on yourself and purchase them together? This harness and leash set is both inexpensive and convenient and you can take walks as long as you like and keep your pet comfortable the entire time.

With bright colors and an adorable paw-print design, these dog and leash sets are eye-catching and a lot of fun. These sets are easy to remove and store when you’re not using them. It also has adjustable straps to make it the perfect fit for your dog regardless of its size, keeping it very comfortable as well. Pet parents consider their daily walks with their pets an important part of their days and those walks can be both more enjoyable and more comfortable for both of you with the combination harness/leash set. Walking your dog has never been easier or more comfortable and this high-quality set is always there when you need it.