Adjustable Soft & Breathable Dog Harness

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Available in different sizes, this harness vest is absolutely adorable and will definitely call attention to your dog. In fact, even your cats can enjoy this harness if you’re so inclined because it is specifically made for all pets that aren’t too large. It is a basic halter-type harness made in a breathable mesh material and designed with a cute paw print on the front for your enjoyment. It also comes in numerous solid colors as well as a camouflage design so you have a lot of attractive harnesses to choose from.

When you walk your dog, you naturally want to show it off a little bit and this harness will make your dog a lot more noticeable to anyone walking by. The harness is comfortable regardless of the season and its adjustable straps ensure that it fits your dog’s size perfectly, meaning that there is no need to concern yourself with your dog slipping out of it and running away as you’re taking a walk. It also fits dogs with necks up to 29 inches so it should easily fit your dog even if he’s fairly large.

Made by top-notch companies, this is a high-quality harness that not only looks good but is made to last, which means that you can count on it being around for a very long time. Next time that you’re getting ready to take your dog for a walk, don’t forget to take this dog harness along because it is guaranteed to keep your dog comfortable. You can even purchase more than one if you like thanks to their reasonable price. It is soft, high in quality and best of all, cute so buying one is a decision that you will most certainly not regret.