Anti-Skid Rubber Base Stainless Steel Pet/Dog/Cat Bowl

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A sturdy dog bowl for food and water is a must when you’re a pet parent and this anti-skid rubber base stainless steel pet bowl is even lightweight enough to bring with you when you travel. Made out of stainless steel and available in four colors, this bowl is both attractive and accommodating because you can use it for either food or water. It also comes in three sizes so it can hold up to 17 ounces of water when you need it to. It is both sturdy and safe and it comes as large as 10 inches in diameter so you can easily choose the right size for your pet.

Stainless steel dog bowls with rubber bottoms that won't slip

Anti Skid Rubber Base Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

Pet parents need a lot of accessories for their pets and a good, sturdy food and water bowl is one of them. The colors for these stainless pet bowls include blue, pink, green, and silver and they are strong yet light enough to carry from room to room or from home to the park with ease. Best of all, it is good for both dogs and cats, including pets of different sizes and breeds.

The bowls offer a healthier alternative to plastic, don’t hold odors, and help make mealtimes less messy

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Stainless Steel Pet cat and dog Bowl

There is also no unpleasant smell or taste associated with the bowl which means that every time your pet drinks or eats something from it, all the pet will taste is the fresh food or water that you’ve just provided to it.

One of the best dog or cat bowls on the market

The right food and water bowl is not difficult to find and this one is guaranteed to be just what you were looking for. It is a great-quality bowl that lasts a very long time and you can put all types of food including both hard food and the softer kinds in it, thanks to the stainless-steel materials.

Anti Skid Rubber Base Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

This bowl won't slip to prevent scratches and damages to hardwood floor. It's very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

stainless steel dog and cat bowl

They are both strong and safe, and the materials used will not interfere with the taste of the food or water inside of them, because they are made out of top-notch materials.

Stainless steel dog bowl

Attractive and sturdy, strong yet lightweight, this is one pet bowl that you will never regret purchasing because of its quality and attractiveness. It can also be the last pet bowl you ever purchase due to how well it is made.

Pet bowl water and food bowl

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