Astronaut Puppy Carrier Travel Backpack

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Making sure that your cat or small dog can tag along with you when you’re running errands or heading to the beach just got a little easier with a travel backpack made to resemble a space capsule. Manufactured in a breathable type of plastic and complete with a plastic see-through top section for your pet to look through, this backpack allows both you and your pet to be comfortable the entire time you’re out. The backpack is comfortable regardless of the season and it comes with wide, sturdy straps to keep it in place without cutting into you and making you want to remove it.

This travel backpack is made for both small dogs and cats and your pet can look through the see-through part and view what’s going on outside and enjoy the outing even more. Let’s face it; we all want our furry family members to be with us as much as possible. With this backpack, you’ll never have to leave your pet at home wondering where you’re going the next time you head outdoors. The bright colors make the backpack a lot of fun to carry around with you and your pet will enjoy the fact that it can come along with you and be a true member of the family.

Sturdy and comfortable all year around, the astronaut travel backpack is both accommodating and fun. Both you and your pet will enjoy the fact that it’s available to you. Whether you’re heading out to run a few errands or you plan to be gone all day, this backpack will make the outing much more convenient on your part because above everything else, it makes traveling with your cats or dogs convenient and best of all, safe for the pets themselves.