Automatic 3m/5m Retractable Nylon Dog Leash

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Retractable dog leashes are comfortable to operate and very convenient, in part because they give your pet a large range of motion to make their walk even more productive. This retractable leash comes in two separate models, one that reaches up to 9 feet in length and another which extends up to 16 feet. This means you can choose the one that is just perfect for your needs, and the extra-large handle makes it comfortable to grip even if you have gloves or mittens on.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic and nylon, it also comes in four different colors and can accommodate dogs up to 30 pounds. The leash is easy to use and can make you feel more in control while walking your dog, as it even comes with a braking system that allows you to keep your dog safe should he or she try to run toward traffic or other dangerous situations. After all, keeping your pet safe is one of the reasons for having a leash in the first place, and this sturdy, dependable dog leash will never disappoint. This leash is both attractive and convenient to own, and it even comes with adorable bone-shaped prints on it.

When you’re shopping for the perfect dog leash, it is good to know you have a large selection to choose from. This leash is so reasonably priced that you can easily buy more than one if you like, and it is definitely a leash that is built to last. This dog leash is fun to use and is made of the highest-quality materials. This leash is also stitched well and will therefore never rip or tear, and best of all, its retractable feature gives you a lot of options when it comes to how far you wish to allow your dog to go, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.