Bling Rhinestone Crystal Dog Collar

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This is by far one of the cutest dog collars on the market and it comes complete with crystal rhinestones. It even has a cute bone-shaped medallion attached to it, also filled with rhinestones, making this one item that everyone will notice when you’re taking your dog for its daily walk. Made out of a high-quality plastic and covered in fairly large rhinestones, this collar sparkles and shines regardless of which direction you’re holding it. It produces an almost glowing effect and is a lot less expensive than it looks.

The collar is also adjustable and comes in small, medium, and large sizes for your convenience. It looks great on any dog that’s wearing it and it fits dogs with necks up to 15” around so it is great for all sorts of dogs. Its easy clasping device makes this dog collar fast and simple to put it on and take it off. It is good for dogs such as chihuahuas, pugs, Yorkshires, and schnauzers, among others. This collar is also well made and therefore won’t pinch or feel too tight while your pet is wearing it, assuring you of its comfort every time.

Your dog deserves the very best so why not show the world that you’re willing to give it with one of these exquisite dog collars? The bone-shaped medallion is strongly attached to the collar and will therefore never fall off. The well fitting collar fits snugly without being too tight or even too loose. This is a high-quality, eye-catching dog collar that will never disappoint and its reasonable price means that you’ll never break the bank if you choose to purchase more than one of them. Sturdy, attractive, comfortable, and long-lasting, this is a great collar to buy if you consider your beloved pet a very special animal indeed.