Bling Rhinestone Cute Dog Bowknot Collar

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This is a great-looking, fancy rhinestone dog collar that comes complete with a bow tie and matching rhinestones, giving both you and your beloved pet another reason to look forward to your daily walks. It comes in three different sizes and the collar offers several rhinestone patterns to choose from. If you love bling, this is the dog collar for you. Since it fits dogs with necks up to 15 inches, this collar can fit most small and medium-sized dogs as well as most cats.

The collar is available in rhinestones that are small and cover the entire collar. Collars also come with larger rhinestones that are placed in different designs and patterns. The soft suede leather ensures that the collars will last for many years to come. If you want your dog to be both comfortable and catch other people’s attention, this is the dog collar to purchase. You can even use them on your more unusual pets, including your rabbits, pigs, and small dogs such as poodles. They’re flexible collars regardless of the animal you put them on!

Finding a dog collar that tells the world how much you love your pet just got a little easier because this is one purchase that you will never regret making. The collars have a rhinestone design on the front and a soft suede leather back, enabling your pet to be comfortable regardless of the season or temperature. In addition, it is affordable for all pet parents and you can even afford to purchase more than one for friends and family members if you wish. If you want a unique dog collar, this is it and it is the one product that will never disappoint, thanks to its quality and durability.