Breathable Soft & Warm Fleece Pet Blanket Mat

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A perfect blanket for puppies and kittens, this extra-thick and very soft fleece blanket ensures your pet’s happiness every time the dog lies on it.

Made for small and medium-sized dogs and cats, this adorable bed blanket for pets comes in two different designs: paw prints and stars. It also comes in three different colors and two sizes and its super-soft materials mean that your cat or dog is guaranteed to be comfortable while lying on it every time. With colors such as pink, blue, and beige, you are certain to find one that suits your pet’s fancy and the blanket is so comfortable that it is likely to stay there for long periods of time, enabling you to concentrate on something else for a while.

This is a lightweight but well-made pet blanket that is guaranteed to be both comfortable and long-lasting.

Warm fleece pet dog blanket

You can count on it being around for many years to come. The largest one is approximately 20” x 30”, which can accommodate dogs of most sizes and breeds, and its comfort is perfect for any pet that lies on it.

A warm, soft blanket is a must for any dog or cat and if you’re looking for the perfect blanket for your pet, you can stop looking because this is it. Between its eye-catching looks and its top-notch design, this is one pet blanket that your pet will enjoy again and again for many years to come, making it a smart purchase on your part.

This pet blanket is an ideal bedding for pet carriers, beds and nest

warm pet blanket

The blanket also has the capability to keep your pet nice and warm when it’s cold outside while still being comfortable when the weather turns warmer. Don’t settle for cheaply made dog blankets that don’t last and won’t keep your pets comfortable because this blanket promises to feel good and look good for a very long time.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Size maybe 1-2 cm error due to hand measure

Extra Small (XS)
Length: 20cm (7.8"), Width: 20cm (7.8")

Small (S)
Length: 60cm (23.6"), Width: 40cm (15.6")

Medium (M)
Length: 76cm (30"), Width: 52cm (20.4")

Large (L)
Length: 104cm (40.8"), Width: 76cm (30")