Collapsible Silicone Dog Water & Food Bowl

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If you travel a lot with your pets, the word “portable” becomes very important to you. One of your main concerns when you’re walking your dog or spending a day with it in the park is feeding it and making sure that it gets enough water to stay hydrated. Because this silicone dog bowl is collapsible and made specifically for travel, it is a great item to have on hand before you leave for your next outing. While you’re out, you can simply set the bowl up and place either food or water in it. When you’re done, it collapses into a convenient flat design so that you can keep it in a purse or backpack until you need it.

Safe, Eco-friendly and Durable silicone collapsible dog bowl

Collapsible food and water dog bowl feeder

Collapsible food and water dog bowl feeder

Convenience is important when you leave for the day with your beloved dog and not only is this collapsible dog bowl extremely convenient and efficient, but it also comes in several bright, eye-catching colors including red, blue, and green. It is perfect for camping, taking the dog for a walk, or spending the day at the beach. It is inexpensive enough that you can easily afford to buy several of them and it is made with a very sturdy plastic and should therefore last for many years to come.

This dog bowl feeder collapsible design and can be collapsed completely flat

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to feed your dog when you’re traveling, look no further because this is it. This collapsible food bowl feeder is all you need to make sure that your dog gets the food and water it needs when you’re away from home. your puppy can drink from them on hot days at the park and they are sturdy and very convenient.

Collapsible food and water dog bowl

Easy to Clean & dishwasher safe: The raised bowels have a smooth finish inside, which makes them easy to be completely cleaned, no stains and dregs left.

The dog bowl is big enough to hold roughly nine ounces of water. It is approximately five inches in diameter at the top part of the bowl and it is sturdy enough to place both hard and soft pet food in it, making your next outing a lot more fun and convenient on your part.

Product sizes & dimensions

Top diameter: 13cm/5.1"

Bottom diameter: 9cm/3.5"

Height: 5.3cm/2"