Comfortable Fleece Pet Bed Mat Pad

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Available in four sizes and two different colors, this bed mat is perfect for your dog when it’s relaxing or resting during the day. It comes in either blue or brown and has cute designs all over it and its thickness is just right because it provides the ultimate in comfort every time. These bed mats are made out of fleece and polyester and can be used both indoors and outside. Best of all, the breathable material allows your dog to remain comfortable regardless of the season, meaning that it will never get too hot or too cold.

Fleece Pet Bed Mat Pad -

All pets need a place to rest for a bit in between walks and play time and this mat makes the perfect relaxation spot. The largest one is 30” x 41” so they can accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes, and it is lightweight enough to bring with you from one place to another. It is easy to use and easy to clean, not to mention easy to afford, and its cute bone and fish designs are definite eye-catchers. Best of all, all of them are extremely comfortable and stay that way for a very long time, allowing your beloved pet to enjoy its bed for many years to come.

A very comfortable pet fleece mat bed


If you need a mat for your dog or cat to lie on during the day while napping or resting, this one is perfect. Lightweight and comfortable, it offers excellent workmanship and is built to last. All pets deserve a comfortable resting place for those times when they are not eating, playing, or out for a walk and this bed mat is the perfect place every time.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Length: 49cm (19"); Width: 31cm (12")

Length: 59cm (23"); Width: 46cm (18")

Length: 69cm (27"); Width: 57cm (22")

Extra Large
Length: 106cm (41.5"); Width: 77cm (30")