Cute Crystal Neck Strap Pendant Collar

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If you’re looking for a dog collar that adds a bit of oomph to the way your dog looks as it struts around the neighborhood on its daily walk, this one is it. Available in three sizes, these collars are roughly three-quarters of an inch wide and get up to 16 inches long so they fit dogs and even cats of most sizes and breeds. Best of all, the dog collars have a bit of bling on them because both the buckle and the attached medallion are made out of shiny rhinestones.

The collars are made out of genuine suede leather and are adjustable for the perfect fit and comfort. The attached rhinestone medallion is adorable because it is in the shape of a dog and it is securely attached to the collar so there are no worries about it falling off while you’re out walking. It is a very cute medallion and between it and the buckle itself, both you and your dog will be able to enjoy a lot of bling! In addition, the cost is reasonable enough to allow you to purchase more than one without being hard on your wallet.

The high-quality leather used to make the collar is both soft and sturdy so not only does it last for a very long time, but it is also comfortable for your dog regardless of the season. This pendant also fits dogs with necks up to 14.5 inches so whether your dog is small or large, you are all but guaranteed to find a great collar that will fit it perfectly. If you’ve always wanted a collar for your dog that has a bit of shiny bling on it, look no further. These advantages are only a few of the reasons why purchasing this collar is a very smart idea.