Dog Collar Safety Glowing Pet Collar

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Available in five different sizes, this is not only a well-made collar, but also contains an LED light to allow it to glow in the dark, making nighttime walks that much easier. Perfect for all seasons because of its high-quality nylon material, this pet collar even comes adjustable so that your pet can get the perfect fit every time. The light-up capability of this collar is not only more convenient for walking after dark, but it comes in two options as well – a consistent light and a flashing light, making your walk more interesting, as well as much safer.

If you want to feel safe when you’re walking your dog after dark this light-up dog collar is perfect for doing just that. The collars measure from 10.5 inches to 23 inches, so they can accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds, and the battery you’ll need to operate the collars comes with the purchase for your convenience. You may turn the light off if you’re walking during the day to save the battery which lasts on average up to 80 hours at a time. Don’t feel unsafe or hesitant when you need to walk your dog while it’s dark outside, because this dog collar will protect the two of you every time.

In addition to being safe and trendy, it is also made very well, which means both the dog collar and the interior lighting system will last for a very long time. This collar is even waterproof to protect your pet when it’s raining outside, and at an affordable cost, you can afford to buy more than one of the collars if you like. Finding a great dog collar that keeps both you and your pets safe is very easy thanks to this collar, and this may even be the last dog collar you ever buy because it is just that good.