Reflective Dog Harness & Leash Set

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Available in four different sizes, this adorable harness and leash set even comes with a cute paw print on the front of the harness. Made of a high-quality nylon and mesh material, the set is reflective so that you can be seen when you’re walking after dark. This leash set is also comfortable enough to be worn year-round, as it will never make your dog too hot or too cold. Made for small or medium-sized dogs, this harness and leash set fits dogs with chests up to 20.5 inches, and the leash stretches out to four feet in length for an extra comfortable walk with your dog.

Harnesses make it easier for you to use your leash, and a set that includes both the harness and the leash is going to catch the attention of the other dog-walkers every time. These sets are available in different colours, and the matching leash makes an ensemble that both looks great and works great every time. It is a high-quality leash set that is built to last for a very long time, and it is resistant to weather as well.

Taking your dog for a walk or going outside to train him or her means you need to have a well-made and efficient leash. This leash and harness set will accommodate your needs, regardless of your pet’s size or breed. In addition, because the price of the set is so reasonable, you’ll spend less money than you would if you purchased the two items separately somewhere else. Let’s face it, all pet parents want their pets to be healthy and happy, and keeping them healthy means taking them for walks every day. If you’re going to do this anyway, you might as well have an attractive, comfortable harness for your dog, and this is one set you’ll never regret purchasing.