Dog Interactive Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball

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Pet parents know how important it is for their pets to play and they also know how important dental care is. With this rubber ball, you can offer your dog both of these important activities. The ball is specifically made to provide tooth-cleaning capabilities and it comes in two separate sizes to fit all sizes and breeds of dogs. It also comes in bright, attractive colors so your dog will easily notice it and be anxious to get a hold of it every time.

Fun to play with and made out of a very sturdy rubber, these tooth-cleaning balls are built to last and easily offer hours of playing time with each play session. They are either two or three inches in diameter, depending on the type. In addition to cleaning teeth, these  rubber balls are great for massaging the gums and preventing many different types of dental problems, including plaque buildup and the breeding of tartar. They are round but also contain small nubbins that get near the gums to provide extra-strong cleaning and massaging, providing your dog with a fun and comfortable way to get better oral hygiene.

Regular dental care is important for both humans and animals and this ball is a great but simple way to improve your pet’s oral health. These tooth-cleaning balls are comfortable, sturdy, made to last, and very efficient at doing their job. They are also very reasonably priced, which means that you can even order more than one if you like and you won’t go over your budget. Your pets deserve to have a fun toy to play with and if that same toy also helps with their oral hygiene concerns, that’s even better. When you’re looking for one of these toys, it is always good to know that they are both easy to find and easy to afford. This toy will prove that to you every time.