Dog Plaid Shirt for Small to Medium Dogs

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If you want your puppy or medium-sized dog to look fashionable every time you take him for a walk, this is the shirt you need. Made for warmer temperatures, the shirt has strong snaps that keeps it the perfect fit every time, and its adorable sleeves gives the dog some extra comfort and the ability to move around freely. In a cute plaid design, this dog plaid shirt is machine washable and even has a collar just like human shirts do! Cute and comfortable, this shirt fits Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, and many other small and medium-sized dogs.

The shirt is extremely comfortable and fashionable as well, so when you and your dog go outside for a walk or to the park for some playtime, this eye-catching shirt is sure to be noticed by everyone. It is a dog shirt made with very sturdy stitching, which means it won’t be falling apart on you anytime soon. In addition, it is clothing that is easy to put on and take off, so your dog can be wearing it in a matter of seconds. Regardless of their size, pets always look cute when they’re wearing this shirt, and you will be proud to be their pet parent whenever you go out.

When it’s windy outside, but you still wish to walk your pet, this shirt is just right because it is cool yet it prevents him from becoming too chilly due to the wind. In fact, it is the perfect dog shirt for a variety of weather conditions, and it is so adorable that you’ll likely want to buy more than one! Rather than heavy-duty flannel, which is made for cold weather, it is the flannelette material of this shirt that keeps your dog not too hot and not too cold every time. It is the perfect shirt to show your pets that you love them, and they will appreciate your actions!