Dog Seatbelt Harness Leash Clip

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If you love your dog -- and doesn’t everyone? -- you want it to be safe. This includes while you’re driving your car. Just the same as humans, dogs deserve to be protected by seat belts when they go for a ride; thanks to numerous companies, now they can. This harness leash is the perfect addition to your pet accessories and it wraps around the dog and fits into the regular seatbelt buckle slot for the utmost protection. Similarly to a seatbelt for humans, this belt will tighten up if you stop suddenly so it protects your dog as few other products do.

This leash clip is easy to use and protects the dog whether it’s lying down or sitting up. It a leash that also accommodates dogs of most sizes and types and it is even adjustable for the perfect fit. After all, a seatbelt is only as good as its parts and, with high-quality nylon and hardware, the leash clip is both comfortable and extremely effective. Your dog will no longer slip and fall as you drive across road after road because it will be safe and secure in its very own seatbelt.

The leash clip is also very lightweight, which means that carrying it around with you is never a problem. In addition, at a very affordable price, you can easily purchase more than one and place one in every vehicle you own if you like. The seatbelt is comfortable, adjustable, and extremely safe. It is a perfect leash clip for many different sizes and breeds of dogs as well as cats if that’s what you have. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are keeping your pets as safe as possible. If you take your pets with you wherever you go, this is one product that is a must-have for your collection.