Dog Training Remote Shock Collar (1000m)

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This set offers not one but two shock collars for your dogs, making it super easy to train two dogs at a time. The dog collar is waterproof, usable even when it’s wet outside, and rechargeable as well. The set comes with adapters that can accommodate you regardless of which country you live in and it has everything that you need to get started as soon as you take it out of the package. The collars are comfortable for the dogs and you can even adjust the shock level so that it never becomes too uncomfortable for them.

In addition to the ability to shock, you also get a beeping sound and a vibrating ability so that you can decide for yourself which one is the best for your dog. It has an easy-to-operate on/off switch and even an LED light that lets you know when it’s on, helping you save the battery power. The backlit display of the collar allows for easy-to-read numbers and indicators and it comes with eight shock options, eight vibration options, and three beep options for your convenience. This dog collar is super easy to use and very easy to switch from one level to the next, making it a very easy but important device for you to have when training your dogs.

This collar is specifically made for both medium-sized and large dogs and it is easy and quick to move from one mode or level to the next. This makes your training even more productive because you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the device itself; instead, you can merely concentrate on the training. Training your dogs is an important task and it is made even easier when you have assistance from a high-quality, well-made shock collar that works great, looks great, and will be around for many years to come.