Dog Training Stop Barking Shock Collar (800m)

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If you’re in the process of training your dog and need some assistance, this dog collar is just what you need. You simply place the collar on your pet and use the hand-held remote-control device to utilize the many different options. The collar gives off a slight shock that you can change the intensity on if you like; best of all, it allows you to utilize it even if your dog is 2500 feet away from you. It is a sturdy collar that fits pets with necks up to 28 inches and it is waterproof as well.

Everybody wants his or her dog to be well trained but this isn’t something that happens by accident. With this training shock collar, you can train your pet to perform a variety of actions and you get 99 different sounds and vibrations to choose from. This great quality set comes with the collar, the remote-control device, an adjustable strap, a USB charge cable, and an instruction manual as well as a contactor and a charger. In other words, you get everything you need to train your dog successfully and it all comes at a very affordable price.

When training your dog, keep in mind that shock collars are not meant to punish or harm the animal, which is why this dog collar offers three different modes: vibrations, beeps, and static shocks. The receiver and transmitter of the collar are both waterproof so you can even train your dog when it’s raining outside. The remote control has a blue backlight to make it easier to see and both the receiver and the transmitter will operate for weeks at a time after they’re charged. Regardless of where you are in the training process, your dog deserves a high-quality training collar that helps it learn properly and quickly and this training collar delivers excellent results every time.