Dog Waterproof Dog Car Seat Basket Carrier

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This is an extra-large dog carrier that looks similar to a small suitcase. It is made to fit in a car seat and to keep your pet safely in place while you drive. You can easily attach the carrier to any car seat that sits in the front or the back, even those with headrests. Think of it as a car seat for small- to medium-sized pets, because it will keep your furry family member safe and comfortable while you’re driving. The carrier attaches securely and won’t move around thus giving you the peace of mind that all pet parents deserve.

People these days are on the go a lot, and if you enjoy an active lifestyle, it is good to know you can take your pets along for the ride. This car seat basket carrier has an open top and mesh sides to keep your pet comfortable. Perfect for all seasons, the carrier has thick, soft edges for extra comfort and a removable strap at the front for extra convenience. These are just a few of the features that will make you want to buy more than one of these carriers.

The carrier bag for car seats has pockets that zip shut in case you want to take along any of your pet’s toys, as well as an adjustable back strap that you can easily attach to the headrest or the shoulder strap. There is even a tether on the inside that you can hook onto the pet’s collar or harness. Even better, the dog car seat is easily assembled, easily stored away, and is even washable. Taking a trip with your pet has never been simpler. This is one purchase you will never regret.