Doggie Traction Dog Socks with Grippers

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With an adorable design and soft but waterproof materials, these socks look great on any pet and fit perfectly, thanks to the elastic band at the very top. These dog socks are easy to put on and take off and you can even throw them in the washing machine whenever they get dirty. They repel water and ice and you can use them without any straps or zippers. They also have an anti-slip sole for extra protection, which means that with these socks on your dog or cat won’t be slipping around or falling if you walk him when it’s wet or snowy outside.

Much the same as humans, pets have feet that need to be protected so that they are comfortable and won’t become injured by walking over debris and other dangerous materials. These doggie socks might be absolutely adorable but this is not their only asset. They are also sturdy and well built, so you will be able  to keep these dog socks around for many years to come. With lively colors and a cute animal design, the boots will make your pets look great and feel even better. You can get the peace of mind that every pet parent deserves because you’ll know that your pet is well protected and comfortable with these socks on.

Every pet parent wants his or her dog or cat to be healthy and happy and this includes making sure that it is warm and dry when you take it for a walk in inclement weather. These shoes resemble socks but work the same as boots and they are so comfortable that you can essentially use them in all four seasons. They also allow for easy range of motion so your dog will never feel restricted when it’s wearing them. Made mostly of cotton, these dog socks are also extremely comfortable and easy to take care of and they are slow to rip or fade. Fully functional yet very cute, this is one set of shoes that you won’t regret buying.