Dual Feeding Dinner Station Pet Bowls | PUP ADDICT
Dual Feeding Dinner Station Pet Bowls | PUP ADDICT
Dual Feeding Dinner Station Pet Bowls | PUP ADDICT

Dual Feeding Dinner Station Pet Bowls

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Available in four colors, this pet feeding food station has a bowl for food and one for water and it even has a spout that allows you to insert an upside-down water bottle so that water automatically fills up that section. Made out of a high-quality plastic and available in colors such as red, blue, pink, and yellow, this is a very handy pet feeding device to have on hand because it can feed and water your pets at the drop of a hat.

This Dual Feeding Dinner Station for your pet works as a full dinner set with food and water.


The pet bowls station holds approximately nine ounces of water and you can place any type of dog food in the food section. It is also very lightweight and easy to bring with you if you should decide to spend the day somewhere else.

Our pet bowl is made of PP material, non-toxic and safe for your pet. The rim of a bowl is smooth and rounded with thickness, bite-resistant and harmless to pet.


Brightly colored, sturdy, and super easy to use, this could very well be the very last food and water bowl that you ever purchase for your dog or cat. It is roughly 6” x 12”, which means that it won’t take up much space, and it is a very efficient way to make sure that your pet gets the food and water it needs.

It's easy to refill your pet's water or food bowl without moving the whole unit

There are many advantages to choosing this pet bowl set. The materials that the bowls are made of are fade-resistant and very strong so they can take a lot of abuse and still remain in great condition. They are easy to move around from room to room and they can accommodate large amounts of food and water. When you like the convenience of having a food and water bowl made in the same kit, this is the item for you because it makes feeding time a whole lot easier and guarantees that your pet will get exactly what it needs every time.

2 in 1 bowl, water automatically supply, dual drinking feeding bowls, bottle can be inserted

Product sizes & dimensions

Size: 29.5cm x 15cm x 8cm (11.61" x 5.91" x 3.15") - (Approx.)