Fashion Soft Plaid Cuddler Dog Bed

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This adorable plaid dog bed is eye-catching as well as comfortable and its super-soft insides will have your pet looking forward to its nap time every time it gets here. It comes in an adorable red plaid and it is made with a soft fleece for extra comfort. Finding the right bed for your dog can be complicated but once you find a high-quality and adorable one such as this, your search can end.

The mat on the bottom is removable and the material is breathable and waterproof, which is very convenient for pet parents.

Soft plaid dog bed

Finding the perfect dog bed for your canine best friend requires taking several important factors into account: size, age, sleeping style, design preference (yours and your dog’s)

If you love plaid and need a well-made dog bed, this is it. Its thick padded materials make it super comfortable and the waterproof aspect makes it perfect for puppies that are still not housebroken and may be prone to accidents.

You can remove the bottom part of the dog bed for easy cleaning and the bed comes in three different sizes for your convenience. Its sizes range from 15” x 10” to 23” x 17” and it is perfect for all types of pets, including puppies and kittens. In fact, once your pet lies on the bed the first time, you’ll likely not be able to get it away from it because it is just that good of a bed!

Plaid dog house for pets

Pet beds are important items to have around when you’re a pet parent and this one is top-notch and built to last so you’ll have it around for a very long time. Tough and sturdy yet soft and comfortable at the same time, this could very well be the last dog bed that you’ll ever need.

Your pets can both sleep and play in it as well as enjoy a little rest time and it can keep them occupied while you do other things, making it a beneficial investment for both you and your pets.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Length: 40cm (15.74"), Width: 27cm (10.62"), Height: 15cm (5.9")

Length: 55cm (21.65"), Width: 40cm (15.74"), Height: 18cm (7.08")

Length: 60cm (23.62"), Width: 45cm (17.71"), Height: 21cm (8.26")