Five Fingers Pet Hair Grooming Gloves

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This set of gloves works wonders when trying to groom your dog or cat and remove some of the excess hair and fur. The pet gloves are made out of a high-quality rubber and nylon and they have nubs on the palms that easily and quickly pick up the hair and fur so that you can remove and discard it afterwards. Best of all, these gloves are very simple to use because all you have to do is slip them on and rub your dog’s coat. The gloves do the rest and your dog will simply think that she’s getting a great massage, thanks to all of your rubbing.

Made out of a BPA-free material and with an adjustable wrist strap for the ultimate in comfort, these gloves fit most people and are comfortable for both you and the dog. They can be used to de-shed the dog, give him massages, or for basic combing or brushing purposes. These grooming gloves are great for dogs, cats, and horses, among others, and they are easy to clean as well. The materials used to make these gloves guarantee that they will last for many years to come. They work on all types and lengths of fur and all sizes and breeds of animals.

No pet parent loves having pet hair all over the furniture and with these top-notch gloves, you can give your pet regular trim jobs so that the hair doesn’t get everywhere. You can even bathe your dog using these gloves if you like because they are very versatile gloves. Because the hair gathers so quickly as you’re stroking the pet’s coat, it is all contained on the glove so that you can simply remove it and throw it in the garbage. The pet gloves are well made, easy to use, comfortable, and very efficient so this is definitely one purchase that you will never regret making.