Fleece Lined Soft Winter Dog Boots/Shoes | PUP ADDICT
Fleece Lined Soft Winter Dog Boots/Shoes | PUP ADDICT
Fleece Lined Soft Winter Dog Boots/Shoes | PUP ADDICT
Fleece Lined Soft Winter Dog Boots/Shoes | PUP ADDICT

Fleece Lined Soft Winter Dog Boots/Shoes

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Made mostly out of buckskin and Berber fleece, these dog boots are both eye-catching and extremely comfortable. They are winter boots that are guaranteed to keep your dog nice and comfortable when there’s snow or sleet outside, and they are made with high-quality materials that are meant to last for a very long time.

These comfortable fleece lined dog boots are great for everyday wear, holiday, parties, etc...

Snow Winter Soft Warm Dog Shoes

The velcro straps of these warm winter dog boots ensure a perfect fit every time, and the rubber soles are meant to keep the dog from slipping during the snowy, slippery winter months. In other words, your dog will stay warm, dry, and steady on his feet every time you take a walk or go outside and play whenever it’s cold.

Our warm dog shoes are solid and made of durable material, and stylish

Snow Winter Soft Warm Dog Boots

Since you have snow boots, isn’t this something your dog also deserves? Most pet parents agree with this statement, and these cute, well-made boots protect all doggie paws from getting numb or slipping on the snow and ice. The materials used for these dog boots are top-notch and therefore, they are built to last. They are comfortable for the dog and most importantly, they are easy to walk on, so it won’t take them any time at all to learn to walk in these adorable boots.

These slip-on dog boots gear pups up for boundless outdoor activities rain or shine

Cotton Fleeced Snow Winter Dog Shoes Boots

Feet and hands can get awfully cold during the bitter winter months, but these cute, warm boots are guaranteed to keep your fur babies’ paws nice and warm the entire season. They are durable winter boots so they can make it through the winter without being destroyed, and the excellent stitching helps because it enables the boots to trod through sleet and snow for long periods of time without ripping or tearing.

These dog shoes are sturdy enough to withstand outside play, and protect your dog's paws from stones, dirt and mud.


Cotton Fleeced Snow Winter Dog Boots

Snow Winter Dog Shoes

They are both attractive and functional boots, which makes for a great combination, and your dog can wear them for many years to come thanks to their quality. Long-lasting and comfortable, these are the perfect dog boots to buy if you want your pets to be both warm and adorable during the cold winter months.

Snow Winter Soft Warm Dog Boots


Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

dog boots/shoes sizes & dimensions

Size Shoe length Shoe width
S 3.6cm/1.41" 2.8cm/1.10"
M 4.2cm/1.65" 3.2cm/1.26"
L 4.8cm/1.89" 3.6cm/1.41"
XL 5.3cm/2.09" 4.0cm/1.56"
XXL 5.7cm/2.24" 4.3cm/1.69"