Foldable Fashion Pet Dog House Carrier

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A nice, comfortable dog house is something that all pets deserve to have and this one is sturdy and reliable so that it lasts for a very long time.

Available in adorable designs that include polka dots, bricks, and stars, you can even take off the top section and turn it into a convenient mat that they can play or relax in for hours at a time. This dog/pet house is made out of a strong Oxford cloth and a sponge material for extra softness so once your dog lies inside of it, the dog will likely remain there for a very long time.

Perfect pet dog house and carrier for small dogs

Dog foldable bed with cussion -

The convenience of having both a dog house and a regular play mat is priceless and switching back and forth between them is as simple as using the attached zipper. It is made out of a breathable material that will keep your pet comfortable regardless of the season.

One of the best portable decorative comfortable hooded dog house carrier

Even the largest size weighs only around 2.5 pounds, which means that it is lightweight enough to carry from room to room or from room to car with little effort on your part. Because of this, you can easily bring your dog house wherever you go, ensuring that your pet will always experience the comfort it deserves.

Pet house with mat and cushion -

This is also the perfect dog house for dogs of most sizes and breeds because most small and medium-sized dogs will fit in it perfectly and comfortably. Your dog is likely to spend a lot of time there enjoying the softness and comfort it offers, not to mention its ability to help the dog relax while it plays, watches television with its pet parent, or takes a nap.

Soft, comfortable, and the perfect size for your pet, this dog house is a great addition to your collection of pet accessories. You don’t have to look any further for the perfect dog house because this one is the only one that you’ll ever need.

Pet cushion bed for dogs

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Small (S): Weight: 450g (1lb)
Length: 35cm (13.7"), Width: 30cm (11.8"), Height: 28cm (11")

Medium (M): Weight: 750g (1.65lb)
Length: 45cm (17.7"), Width: 35cm (13.7"), Height: 35cm (13.7")

Large (M): 1200Kg (2.64lb)
Length: 60cm (23.6"), Width: 45cm (17.7"), Height: 40cm (15.7)