Gentle Dog Grooming Glove Brush

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This is a great de-shedding device because it resembles a regular glove but has tiny nubs that easily grab ahold of all of the hair so that you can discard it afterwards. This brush is also very simple to use because all you have to do is put the glove on and stroke your dog’s coat. It will think that it’s simply being petted and adored but you’ll be able to rest a lot more easily because the hair will be on your glove and not all over your furniture, giving you the peace of mind that all pet parents deserve.

Best of all, the glove comes for either the right or the left hand and it is available in four different colors for your enjoyment. Made out of a high-quality silicone/plastic, this brush is made to last for many years to come and is very comfortable for both you and the dog. This glove is gentle yet effective, is very simple to use, and works on dogs and even cats of all sizes and breeds. Make getting rid of dog hair a lot easier on your part with one of these gloves because this is definitely one purchase that you will never regret.

The glove is also reasonably priced so if you choose to buy more than one, you can do so without breaking the bank. Making sure that you don’t always have pet hair all over your house is a lot easier these days, thanks to products such as this one. You can even use the glove for bathing your pets if you so desire because it is great for more than just de-shedding a dog or cat. Since this brush fits your hand perfectly, you can also use them for cats and dogs of all sizes and they are both comfortable and easy to use regardless of what you’re doing with them.