Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy

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Made out of a high-quality type of plastic, this toy dispenses dog treats easily and quickly and its unique features and size make it immediately noticeable to your beloved pet. It will learn quickly what it does and will start to look forward to treat time every day. Its round rolling bottom makes it fun to play with as well. This dispenser toy is also very simple to load because you just have to merely remove the top, insert the doggie treats, and screw the top back onto the bottom section.

Durable and well made, the treat dispenser also has a clear middle section that allows you to see just how many treats you have in there at any given time. It is approximately five inches high so it is neither too big nor too small and even if your dog decides to get a little rough with it while playing, this dispenser can withstand the treatment because of the way it’s made. You can even adjust the difficulty level and the speed of the discharge of food if you like and the side vents of the treat dispenser allows your pets to smell the treats that they’re getting ready to enjoy.

If you’re looking for an easy way to deliver doggie treats to your beloved pet, look no further than this combination treat dispenser and dog toy. It is an eye-catching dispenser, looks good regardless of where you put it, and does a great job making sure your pets get the treats they want and deserve. The treat dispenser is also very convenient and fast to clean because you simply have to take it apart and clean it with soap and water. Turn it on or off with just the flick of a switch and you can let you dog play with it with or without the dispenser rolling out treats.