Knitted Style Puppy Hooded Dog Sweater

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This is a cute doggie sweater in a knitted acrylic design. This sweater comes with a hood to protect the dog’s head and neck area and its elastic openings and top-notch snaps result in an excellent fit every time. Let’s face it; when you’re getting ready to walk your dog and it’s cold outside, it is normal to worry about the inclement weather and its effect on your pet’s health. With this doggie sweater, all you have to do is put the sweater on your beloved pet and take off because you will both feel better knowing that the dog is wearing it.

All pet parents want to take good care of their dogs and cats and this knitted doggie sweater is both comfortable and protective against the wind and cold. The hood is lined with a soft faux fur and the inside of the coat is extra soft for more than just a little bit of comfort. The design of this sweater is unique and eye-catching and your pet will both look good and feel good every time that it wears it. Before you head out for some play time with your pet, make sure that it has enough protection from the weather. This dog sweater will keep him safe and healthy every time. 

Cute and comfortable, not to mention well made, this is one coat you’ll always be glad that you purchased. This sweater is made out of only top-notch materials that are built to last and it is also slow to rip, tear, or fade. In fact, it can last through anything that your pet does to it so whether you’re out for a walk or some play time in the park or at the beach, you can rest a little easier knowing that the sweater will last. When it comes to your dog’s safety and comfort,  he simply needs this hooded doggie sweater.