Mini Chewy Dog Tennis Balls (10 Balls)

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Puppies and dogs need to chew and they also need to play. These miniature tennis balls are brightly colored and extremely durable so whether your pet decides to chew on it or play with it, it will last for many years to come. Keeping pets occupied is essential if you want to improve their behavior and this is especially true for puppies and kittens. These balls have an eye-catching rainbow color and are made with a high-quality EVA material. They are both soft and sturdy tennis balls and pets will enjoy them for hours at a time.

Lightweight and non-toxic, these are the perfect balls for your pets to play with because they can be used for general play time and also for training or teething purposes. You can play fetch with your dog and enjoy the balls yourself. Since they are approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, these tennis balls are the perfect size for a variety of pet games. They are soft yet very well made and reliable and they will immediately catch your pet’s attention thanks to the bright rainbow colors because the colors are certainly eye-catching for pets of all types.

Your pet should always have a large quantity of great toys to play with because when pets get too bored, it can spell disaster. To keep them busy and occupied, these balls are certain to become one of their favorite toys. After all, dogs and cats love to move and what better way for them to move around than to have a cute, sturdy ball that they can play with over and over again? They certainly won’t be bored with these balls and you can even let them play with more than one ball at a time for the ultimate in fun. High-quality, adorable, and strong, these tennis balls are toys that they won’t ignore any time soon.