Natural Rubber Waterproof Leather Dog Boots

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If your dog runs around a lot and you are wondering what products are available to keep his paws warm and dry, wonder no more. These waterproof dog boots are made out of high-quality leather and even have cute faux fur tops just like human boots do. The natural rubber soles of these boots ensures your dog will never slip while he’s out running or playing, and they look absolutely adorable regardless of your dog’s size or breed. The velcro straps guarantees a perfect fit every time, and these dog boots are both cute and functional.

Tough anti-slip rubber sole warps to heel waterproof dog boots providing stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and wet road

Natural Rubber Waterproof Leather Dog Boots

Choosing the perfect dog boots just got a lot easier, because once you see these boots you simply won’t want to look at any others. They are very attractive boots, almost professional looking in nature, and the top-notch materials guarantees their longevity. Even if you’ve never considered buying your fur baby a pair of boots in the past, once you see these boots you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought about it until now. When you think about it, boots for dogs and cats just make sense, and your pet is going to thank you for this purchase with more excitement about his daily walks and playtime.

These leather style dog boots are Water resistant material, high quality fabrics, wear resistant, to bear or endure dirty.

Rubber Warm Waterproof Winter Snow & Rain Dog Boots

Rubber Warm Winter Snow & Rain Dog Boots

 Winter Snow & Rain Leather Dog Boots

Natural Rubber Waterproof Dog Boots - Natural rubber non-slip

Let’s face it, your pets deserve the very best treatment, and these boots will

show him that you love him the way you should. Hands and feet can get cold and even numb during the winter months, but these pet boots go a long way in keeping your pet’s paws toasty and warm, and they help him walk with steady feet as well. No more slipping, falling, or numbing of the feet with these dog boots. They are great puppy boots you can count on day in and day out to take care of your pets the way they deserve to be taken care of and besides, they are just plain adorable as well!

The dog boots have a rugged rubber sole and high quality material that are then sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure.

  • Super warm, shoes is filled with plush, soft and comfortable   
  • Non-slip & Rubber & Protective Sole
  • Toe shaped design for outdoor runner   
  • High quality Leather for long-term Use
  • Adjustable Velcro In order to control the size. It makes your pet feet comfortable and not easy to fall.
  • Mutil-color of each shoes present your pet different personality.
  • Luxury and Fashion design
  • Skidproof, Waterproof , Snow proof.
  • Attentive sewing, Delicate hand-making, Create high quality product


Product sizes & dimensions

Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Dog shoes sizes & dimensions

Size Length Width
XS 4cm (1.57 inch) 3cm (1.18 inch)
S 4.5cm (1.77 inch) 3.5cm (1.37 inch)
M 5cm (1.96 inch) 4cm (1.57 inch)
L 5.5cm (2.16 inch) 4.5cm (1.77 inch)
XL 6cm (2.36 inch) 5cm (1.96 inch)