Nontoxic Interactive Magic Roller Dog Ball

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All pet parents know how important it is for their cats and dogs to play on a regular basis, and this roller ball comes complete with fluffy covers that will keep your pet’s attention for hours at a time. Made of a high-quality plastic, the dog ball is roughly three inches in diameter and is easy to turn on and off. The set comes in different colours so you can change the look of the ball anytime you like. The ball is also made with eco-friendly materials and is operated electronically.

It is easy to operate and easy to change its look, and this is also an eye-catching ball your pets will notice as soon as you put it in front of them. The fluffy covers of this ball are nice and soft, yet still durable, and at a weight of only six ounces, it won’t be difficult for even the smallest puppy to play with it. Every part of the dog ball is nontoxic and safe for pets of all types, and its movement makes it a fun toy that your pet will be entertained by for a very long time.

If you’re looking for pet toys to add to your collection, this is one you should definitely consider. It is a dog ball that is colorful, easy to operate, inexpensive, and even educational. This ball is also a high-quality toy that is made to last, and it is battery operated using an inexpensive battery you will have to purchase. Buying pet toys is a lot of fun, and few on the market are as much fun as this one. It is great for both dogs and cats as they will certainly enjoy chasing it around for hours at a time, freeing you up to accomplish other important tasks.