Orthopedic Soft Dog Sofa Bed | PUP ADDICT
Orthopedic Soft Dog Sofa Bed | PUP ADDICT
Orthopedic Soft Dog Sofa Bed | PUP ADDICT
Orthopedic Soft Dog Sofa Bed | PUP ADDICT

Orthopedic Soft Dog Sofa Bed

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Just the same as humans, dogs can get sore muscles and joints. If that happens to your dog, it is good to know there is a specialized dog bed that can reduce the pressure on its joints and make it a lot more comfortable.

Our orthopedic dog bed comes in three different sizes and colors such as blue and brown. It is made out of Oxford cloth and sponge material for the ultimate in comfort. This orthopedic soft dog sofa bed is made of high-quality materials also mean that it is made to last for a very long time and as soon as your dog lies on this bed, it will immediately start to reap its many benefits.

One of the Most comfortable orthopedic dog sofa beds ever!

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orthopedic dog bed - sleeping

Orthopedic dog beds are the perfect option for older dogs with hip, joint, bone and mobility issues, as well as dog breeds that are susceptible to these issues as they age.

Larger dogs often need a place to rest after extensive walks and other activities. They usually like to lay down with their paws spread out, so larger ones with a paws-length between them and the edge are perfect.

Comfy orthopedic bed for dogs and even cats to lounge or sleep on.

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The largest size for this sofa bed is 25” x 39”, which can accommodate dogs of most sizes and breeds. This chaise dog bed made out of a sturdy yet breathable material that keeps your pet comfortable regardless of the season and it even has a raised pillow on one side as well as a cute paw print placed on the front of the bed. It is also comfortable enough for your dog to lie on for many hours at a time so whether it wants to play, nap, or relax and watch some television, it can do so while taking good care of its joints.

Plush poly-fill bolster provides cozy support, and chenille jacquard edge fabric adds a touch of style.

A good orthopedic bed also costs a lot less than you might think and it will make you feel good that you are taking good care of your pet’s health. Having sore joints and muscles is just as difficult for animals as it is for humans but this sofa bed gives your pet just the right amount of support so that its muscles and joints are soothed and it feels much better. The bed is cute, comfortable, sturdy, and well made and once your dog lies on it the first time, you’ll understand how important it is that you made this purchase.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Size maybe 1-3 cm error due to hand measure
Small (S): Best suited for pet up to 7.5kg (16lbs)
Length: 60cm (23.6"), Width: 35cm (13.7"),

Medium (M): Best suited for pet up to 20kg (44lbs)
Length: 85cm (33.4"), Width: 45cm (17.7"),

Large (L): Best suited for pet up to 40kg (88lbs)
Length: 100cm (39.3"), Width: 65cm (25.5")