Outdoor Head-out Pet Carrier Backpack

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This beautiful pet carrier backpack is available in two different sizes, this is one carrier backpack you’ll find easy to use. Made both for cats and small dogs, the nylon carrier travel backpack is the only one you’ll ever need for your pets. You can use it frontwards or on your back, while the pet’s head sticks out of it for convenience and comfort. Best of all, it leaves you with a hands-free way to carry other bags or purses, and its breathable fabric ensures your pet will never get too hot or too cold, regardless of the season.

Outdoor Head-out Pet Carrier Backpack

This dog carrier backpack also comes in two convenient sizes, with the largest one being 42” x 17” and, therefore, able to accommodate small- to medium-sized dogs. In fact, you’ll likely be surprised by how much a big dog can be accommodated, and the bright colors makes carrying your dog around a lot of fun as well. The hole that the pet’s face goes into is adjustable, which guarantees your pet will never be uncomfortable, and the adjustable straps makes sure pet parents are just as comfortable as their pets.

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Why You need a High quality pet carrier backpack

These pet store companies make high-quality pet backpacks that are made to last, and the type of nylon they use is appropriate for all four seasons, so whether you’re headed to a picnic or a winter party, both you and your pets are guaranteed to be comfortable. The backpack has a classic, attractive look and the durability you expect when you purchase a backpack, and thanks to the low price of the item, you can order more than one and still not go over your budget.

If you need a sturdy and eye-catching backpack to carry your pet in, look no further. This backpack allows you to keep your busy lifestyle while taking your pet with you wherever you go, and it is both easy to find and easy to afford.

Product Sizes & Dimensions

Head out pet dog travel carrier backpack

Height: 37cm (14.56"), Bottom: 12.5cm X 26cm (5" X 10.23"), Wide Side: 13cm (5.11")

Height: 42cm (16.53"), Bottom: 16cm X 29cm (6.29* X 11.41"), Wide Side: 17cm (6.69")