Oxford Fabric Dog Seat Cover Hammock

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If you’re headed out for a nice drive or even a trip to the grocery store and you want your beloved pet to come along, providing him with a nice comfortable way to ride is easier than you think. These hammock seat protectors cover the entire back seat area, meaning even if your dog moves around as you drive, he will still have the protection of this cover. The cover itself is made mostly out of polyester and a useful waterproof fabric that accommodates your pet even if he has an accident while you’re driving, making it a practical item to purchase for your pet.

This dog seat cover hammock comes in several colors and patterns, and its measurements are roughly 51” x 59” x 13”. This means that it is a dog seat cover big enough for almost any size vehicle you own, and think how much it will mean to your pet to be able to relax on this cover seat as you drive. Let’s face it, your pets deserve only the best, and this thick, comfortable, waterproof seat cover proves to them how important they are to you. Isn’t that what all pet owners want?

With Velcro closures and soft fabric, the cover is easy to set up and easy to store. You can easily and quickly fold it away when you’re not using it, and because of its flaps, it is easy to make sure the cover fits perfectly in your car seat, whether it is a standard seat or bucket seats. The dog seat cover is made to accommodate a number of vehicle makes and models, and it is lightweight and made to be comfortable in all four seasons. If you travel a lot with your pets, this cover hammock is the perfect accompaniment, and your pet will always thank you for purchasing it.