Pawstrip Winter Dog Coat with Hoodie

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If you go outside and you need a winter coat, chances are good that your pets need one as well. This dog coat has adorable faux fur on the collar and a cute hoodie that does a great job at keeping your pet’s face and neck area warm and dry. Made by a company that specializes in high-quality dog clothing, this coat is built to last and will not rip, tear, or fade out over time. It is a dog coat that ensures a perfect fit every time because of its drawstring on the back that you can make as tight or as loose as you want. 

Because you have to walk your dog daily throughout the year, it is good to know that there are coats made especially for your pets so that walking them during the cold winter months is never a problem. These coats are made out of nylon and taffeta, and they fit over the front paws for extra protection and warmth. They even have elastic at the ends of the sleeves, ensuring that no rain or wind will get too close to your pet’s body and make him uncomfortable.

Of course, coats such as these offer other benefits as well. Because these coats protect your pet from the cold weather and snow, he is not as likely to get sick due to the inclement weather. Keeping your pet healthy is a little more challenging during the winter months, but this dog coat makes doing so a whole lot easier. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet, and the right coat helps you with that even when the weather is bad. A thick, comfortable coat that is well-made and durable is priceless, and your pet will appreciate you for it because he will be a lot more energetic and healthier from then on.