Personalized Customized Pet ID Collar

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Regardless of your dog’s size or breed, having a collar that is personalized with its name and phone number on it can save you a lot of grief if your dog ever gets lost. This pet ID collar allows the pet’s name and other information to be printed right on the buckle itself. Its dotted colors will call attention to your dog and allow you to show it off to other walkers. Best of all, since this pet collar is made with high-quality nylon and padded for comfort, you can let your dog wear it regardless of the season.

The pet ID collar comes in three different sizes so whether your dog is small or large, you can easily find a collar that will accommodate it. You can own something as small as a chihuahua or something larger such as a collie and you can easily find an ID collar that will fit it perfectly. In fact, the collars are even adjustable so if your pet is in between the sizes, you can still count on finding a collar that fits it perfectly every time.

Since your dog needs a collar anyway, why not get it one that is eye-catching and has its name on it so that people will find it easier to locate you if it gets lost? Dog collars can be fun and functional at the same time and this particular collar is also well made and strong enough to last for a very long time. This collar is easy to operate and easy to adjust so that you get the right size. The inscription is usually done free of charge and you can have almost anything printed on there that you like. Furthermore, you can use this dog collar for both dogs and cats so it really is quite useful.