Personalized Pendant Dog ID Tag

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This is a personalized ID tag for dogs that comes in both bone shapes and paw shapes. It attaches directly to the dog’s collar or anything else that will accommodate it. It comes in a very interesting design and even opens up to show the information that you’ve used to personalize it on the inside. This can include the dog’s name, address, phone number, or anything else you’d like to include there because there is enough room for a lot of information. The tag comes in only one size but it is large enough to include a lot of information on it so it can accommodate all pet parents.

Having an ID tag for your dog is important. Let’s face it; few things are as stressful as having a beloved pet get lost and not knowing how to find it. With the right ID tag, the person who found it can notify you immediately, eliminating a lot of the stress you’re feeling. This particular brand of ID tags also comes in bright sparkly colors for your enjoyment so you can always find the perfect color for your tastes and preferences.

These dog tags are made in a high-quality metal and can be personally engraved for free. Though they are small enough to fit correctly on the dog’s collar, they are also large enough to include up to four lines of text, making them quite convenient tags for the owner. They are also adorable so if you wish to dress up your dog’s collar and the dog himself, this is the perfect product to do so. Affordably priced and built to last, this is the only dog ID tag that your dog will ever need and it is not a purchase that you will ever regret.