Pet Eye Wet Cleaning Wipes (100PCS/Set)

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When your pets get dirty, you can always give them a bath but what about those hard-to-reach places, such as around the eyes? The eye area is a delicate one and you can’t always clean it the way you do the rest of the body. These convenient eye wipes take all the trouble out of getting your pet’s eye area cleaned because they are both gentle and very effective. They are individual pads that are made out of a soft cotton and all you do is gently wipe the eye area until it becomes clean.

Tear stains and even dirt can build up around your pet’s eyes but wiping them clean is super easy with these high-quality eye wipes. They are safe, non-toxic, and disposable as well, making them pet wipes convenient to use on a daily basis. They are convenient to use because they come in packs of 100 and their low price means that you can purchase as many of them as you like without breaking the bank. Everything you need to clean the pet’s eyes is already on the pad itself so all you have to do is take it out the container and start wiping.

Baths cannot take care of every inch of your dog but these eye wipes make the job extremely easy on your part, not to mention comfortable for your dog. You might even be surprised by how much dirt and grime you see on the pad after you clean your pet’s eyes because they do such a great job of picking up dirt and dried-on tear stains. These pet wipes are also beneficial because not only do they clean your dog’s eyes efficiently but they also enable his eyes to be both irritation- and itch-free. Therefore, your dog’s eyes can look good and feel good as soon as you’re done cleaning them with these wipes.